ELITE LAB is a company, which was created thanks to the passion for electronic cigarettes. The company is a result of hard work and huge commitment for the projects. For years we have been specializing in the production of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. Thanks to our knowledge and experience – we can create all that seems impossible for others.
The activity of ELITE LAB founders in the production of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes began already in 2008. Two students, after receiving their first electronic cigarette ordered form China, decided to create their own e-liquid. A month later they began selling their products over the Internet.
President of the Management Board mgr Inż Artur Bierkowski: „[…]After the very first use of a Chinese e-cigarette we could not imagine a world without e-cigarettes and we decided to act[…] as young students of university of technology we were equipped in knowledge, skills and passion for work[…] and this is how probably the very first European e-liquid was created […]”
In the following years the founders sold their products in Poland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany and specialized in production of private labels (OEM), in the meantime still developing its small production and distribution company. In the initial 3 years of business activity the first professional manufacturing hall was built, which allowed for further company’s development. In 2016 ELITE LAB was founded, which until now offers about 350 unique e-liquid compositions and short fills, which are adapted to the requirements of different European countries.
President of the Management Board mgr Inż Artur Bierkowski: „[…]the biggest challenge in 2016 was of course meeting the requirements of the Tobacco Products Directive, product testing and applying for registration in different countries, all at the same time, but thanks to the team of our specialists in the fields of law and chemistry, we managed to met this challenge without problems, just as we promised to our customers[…]”
Today, thanks to the experienced team of chemists, ELITE LAB can proudly offer the highest world product quality and company’s extensive network of contacts means that ELITE LAB delivers e-liquids to more than 500 key customers across Europe. The company is currently planning to open a new production site in the Czech Republic, which will strengthen ELITE LAB’s position on the European market.
President of the Management Board mgr Inż Maciej Hrybik: „[…]opening a department in Czech Republic is a part of our plan for company’s development[…]we are increasing our production capacity and opening up to a totally new markets[…]”
ELITE LAB is currently introducing new premium brands in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Italy.
President of the Management Board mgr Inż Maciej Hrybik: „[…]we want our customers from these countries to experience the new quality of e-liquids and to be able to feel what we have always desired and what we managed to achieve – the true pure taste of the fruit and the perfect composition[…] Our key sales market when introducing a high quality product is without any doubt United Kingdom – because British consumers are the ones looking for something, that is exceptionally good and they value the highest product quality[…]”

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